This project is inspired by a concept artwork from Michael Klukowski.

Accidentally, I hit this artwork when I was browsing the internet looking for... well I don't remember anymore, but what I rember is the feeling I had as my eyes hit this picture. It felt like I was lost in the scene... lost in space. No way to escape. Panic! This is why I gave it the name "Lost In Space".

But I didn't make this piece only because of my mood. I wanted to learn more about the creation of modular hardsurfaces in 3D, how to set up the 3D meshes in an UE4 scene and how to achieve this feeling I had when I saw the concept. I hope that I got close to it.

Also I wanted to try a workflow by adding details like screws, bolts, grids and many other details without modeling them, only "painting" them with Substance Painter2.

This time, I also wanted to document my progress more closely. Therefore, I opened a thread on

Triangle Count
    - Detailed Panel A: 3185 Tris
    - Detailed Panel B: 2143 Tris
    - Detailed Panel C: 1337 Tris
    - Detailed Panel D: 1169 Tris
    - Pipes & Cabels: 10780 Tris
    - Rail Panel: 50 Tris
    - Railcrane: 5355 Tris
    - Railcrane Bridge: 3338 Tris
    - Railcrane Bridge Detail Panel: 816 Tris
    - Railcrane Docking: 2095 Tris
    - Railcrane Inductor: 2584
    - Vent Panel: 1080
    - Background Wall Panel: 98
    - Gate Frame: 596
    - Gate Part A: 260
    - Gate Part B: 174

Software Used
    - 3D Studio Max
    - Substance Painter
    - Unreal Engine 4
    - Photoshop CC